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Niime Tamaki Pop-Up @Tortoise – Fri, July 21st to Sun, July 23rd



Tamaki Niime is a Japanese brand of textiles specializing in banshu-ori weaving – a weaving technique originated in the 1700’s for traditional Japanese garments like kimonos.

The brand is named after its founder, who has based her workshop in Hyogo, Japan, an area known and famous for textile production.

Niime’s workshop in Hyogo handles the dyeing, weaving and finishing all in one continuous production cycle all in one location.  With the use of banshu-ori techniques, Niime is able to produce extremely fine and delicate textiles that are not only soft and gentle for the skin, but woven in a rainbow of colors and patterns that make each piece unique and pleasingly irregular in appearance.

For 3 days this month, we will host a Tamaki Niime pop-up trunk show with a selection of her pants and shirts in addition to Tamaki Niime’s trademark scarves.

We will hope you can join us to see these unique one-of-a-kind garments from Japan.