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MOONSTAR Trunk Show 8/9 – 8/17

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MOONSTAR shoes are not like regular shoes.  In fact, they are more similar to pottery. The hallmark of MOONSTAR is their vulcanizing process, called ka-ryu in Japanese, a manufacturing process done in select factories around the world. Each MOONSTAR shoe is fired in a kiln that causes the sulfer mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity, creating a soft, flexible and durable sole.  After the soles are made in the kiln, high quality textured fabric is hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen to complete each pair.

Starting August 9th, our Tortoise Gallery will be home to a special MOONSTAR trunk-show featuring over 7 different styles in 12 colors that will be sold exclusively at this event.  MOONSTAR shoes are unisex and each style will be come in a range of sizes – however everything will be first come first serve and quantities will be limited.