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Driftwood Bird by Osamu Harihara


When Osamu Harihara isn’t busy working as an advertising art director in Tokyo or after a typhoon leaves, he can be found hunting for beautiful driftwood off the coasts in Japan. There are so many drift woods in his studio in downtown Tokyo and he keeps them dry for long time and then starts carving.

Harihara’s passion and creative eye for nature has been the driving force behind his driftwood birds for more than 30 years.

Some woods may arrive from the west coast of America. Now it becomes a bird and flies back to LA! How romantic!!

Each one is hand made and one-of-a-kind product.

The price sheet  (14MB) as of 09/03/2015 will be downloaded by clicking the link. (Please note that the price sheet had wrong information, so it was revised on 09/06/2015. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
We will update the availability here occasionally, however, please allow us that your interested one may be already sold in the store at the time you contact us. (Please call 310-396-7335 for your inquiry or email at tortoise@tortoiselife.com)

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You will find these birds both in TGS and back space Tortoise.