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Taro Hirano’s Photo Anthology ‘LA Car Club’

In his poignant photo series “America”, Taro Hirano points the lens towards the American landscape and shines a light on his own identity as a Japanese photographer.

Taro’s 3rd installment, entitled ‘Los Angeles Car Club’, combines Taro’s appreciation and surprise surrounding American culture. Shot over the span of 6 – 7 years travelling the highways of L.A., Taro captures cars parallel to him on the open road. His work expresses the familiar dislocation of Los Angeles’ native sprawl, realigning our sight to his. From junk sedans to sports cars, Taro showcases the mixture of cultures and neighborhoods alongside their chosen vehicles and surrounding landscape that tells the L.A. story we miss even when we’re driving right through it.

Born in 1973 in Tokyo, Taro attended Musashino Art Institute where he studied modern photography. Taro worked as a publishing assistant at Kodansha, then later helped launch the skateboarding magazine “SB” and currently serves as their photography editor. He continues to photograph for advertisements, CD jackets, and various culture and fashion magazines. Major works include photo collection “POOL” (Little More), CD photobook “Rakaba” (co-authored with Hoshino Seminar / Little More), “Tokyo’s workplace” (Magazine House) “Boku and Senpai” (Kunimoto).

1200 signed copies of ‘Los Angeles Car Club’ have been printed in limited release.