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Black Barc 2018SS Collection Lookbook


Please come and view this collection with the artist, Mizuki Tsurutaka, this upcoming Friday, April 6th and Saturday April 7th.  Collection will be available for viewing and purchase until April 15th.


2018 SS Collection Concept:

“Nature is the main inspiration behind the new 2018 SS collection. The parts of a plant and the growing stages of plants (example: seed, bud, and blooming) were the origins of this collection’s designs. Black Barc’s  focus has always been on nature and black
smithing (handmade) but this collection takes an even deeper look at these concepts and expresses them in form, more than in the past. By making each piece by hand, alloying the material and shaping them with care, each piece is different and special, like nature …”

Gold Collection:
POPO – Dandelion flower blooming
HINA- Daisy flower blooming
NOKI- Magnolia flower petal
REN- Lotus flower bud
FUJI- Wisteria flower
TANE- seed
Silver Collection:
TOKU- Glosbe stalk
GAMA- Reedmace stalk
DORON- Philodendron
PALE- Nepethica
HOYA- Hoya rinearisu