Ryosuke Yazaki Sculpture Exhibition

2 October – 19 October 2014

Opening reception: Thursday October 2, 2014 from 6 -8pm

“In 1994, I created my first statue out of clay.  My creative process was to focus on the skeletal principles of each piece, then slowly add flesh to that frame to draw out its inner spirit.  The frame and form of these early statues were Buddhas, people and architecture.   In 2007, I changed my medium to wood and relied on the inherent living power of the material to evoke a feeling of vitality.  Then in the summer of 2013, I began using terracotta and suddenly found a new direction and brand new belief for my artistic vision.  Looking at something – and having something appear in the space around that object – is the true strength and spirit of the artwork.  It is not in what you see, but what appears in the absent space, as well as what you feel from the invisible entity within each piece that brings it to life.   The word ‘kuukan’ in Japanese literally means, kuu (air, or empty) and kan (in-between) so my new exhibition at Tortoise is entitled the ‘Kuukan Series’ as it focuses on this invisible, empty space, that is in-between.  Within my sculptures, the ‘in-between’ is expressed with the big and small, vertical and horizontal, and a sense of front and back that is all joined with elliptical connections.  Bringing this new concept to my exhibition in LA for the first time, I deeply appreciate the Tortoise owners, Keiko and Taku Shinomoto.”       – Ryosuke Yazaki

Ryosuke Yazaki