Masanobu Ando – Circle In The Round

September 5 Friday – September 28 Sunday 2014 reception party: September 7 Sunday 5-8pm

Masanobu Ando’s work has a rustic simplicity and elegant serenity that is described in Japanese as ‘wabi sabi.’ Living in Tajimi, Japan – in Gifu prefecture – Ando creates ceramics pieces that are atypical of traditional ceramic ware. Known for rejecting the use of the wheel, Ando practices a technique called tatara, where sheets of clay are molded together to form a solid shape. His glazing technique also creates a surface and appearance that mimics silver and metal instead of clay, and some of his sculptural pieces look like rusted pipes or sheets of steel. A special reception will be held on September 7th with Masanobu Ando himself flying in from Japan to attend. The reception is welcome to anyone who wishes to meet the artist behind these truly original works.

Ando will be at TORTOISE as scheduled below:

5 September Friday 11:30am -2pm
6 September Saturday noon – 3pm
7 September Sunday 3pm – reception party

Masanobu Ando